Viral audios in Rajasthan politics


Audio blasts on 7th day of political struggle with Rajasthan congress party.

Now, on 7th day of political struggle: 30 MLAs deal in viral audio, money talks about reaching Srinagar and Delhi and bringing the government on its knees

CM OSD releases 3 recordings of horse-trading, accuses opposition leaders.
The government claims- These things happened between Union Minister Gajendra Singh, Congress MLA Bhanwarlal Sharma, and Vishvendra and Dalal Sanjay.
Gajendra Singh Shekhawat and Bhanwarlal Sharma said – the audio is fake, the government is furious, the audio is getting ready

Thursday’s audio explosion took place in Rajasthan’s Sisayat amid a 7-day war. A day after CM Ashok Gehlait’s claim of invoking the MLA’s sale and sale of evidence, his OSD issued 3 audits. It is claimed that among them are Union Minister Gajendra Singh, Congress MLAs Bhanwarlal Sharma and Vishvendra and Dalal Sanjay Saidebaji.

On the other hand, Gajendra Singh and Bhanwarlal said – because of the rebellion, the government has been stunned at this time, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s OSD Lokesh Sharma is preparing these fake audio from his men.

Viral audio clip in Rajasthan
Viral audio clip in Rajasthan

First audio
Our fellow friends in Delhi have taken money, did Chandna’s call not return?

First-person- Hello … Brother … Our friends who are sitting in Delhi have taken the money. The first installment has reached Srinagar.
The other person – well.
First- So when will you see me?
Second- or, I will see you early morning by… I meet you in Delhi, what time do you get up?
Second- ok
First – What I’m Saving Is We Now Moving Legally
Second- just fine, your action has been decided
First- how?
Second- what line are you taking

First- or, IM taking their line
Second- or you’re sticking with Dum, right
First- or
Second- Chandna’s call did not return
First – did not come
Second- let’s be okay..thanks … Khama Ghani
(Government claims the first person in this
Vishvendra Singh and others are Gajendra Singh)

Second audio

That list will not come from Sachin ji, try for Doody and Poonia too.

First person- hello
Broker Sanjay Jain- Ok Saab great, the whole thing has opened up now any doubt?
First person – the government, Reni Kauni, had to be sacked
Broker- I say Vinai, I am responsible for you and Girdhari ji … Ar Saab has said that the list which has been listened to Sachin ji…
The first person – Koni Awa … wa amount ri baat ni
Dalal – Yes, police station call, say or talk is perfect

First person – okay …
Dalal-Thari seniority is a matter of concern … Just now Chetan Doody and the powerful Punis cry and try
First person- Chetan Doodi is also an aunt
Broker – It turns out great
First person – you have to get more number
(The government claims – the first person is Bhanwarlal. SOG is questioning Sanjay Jain, resident broker of Banipark, will be on Friday as well.)

Third audio

I told Saab that two men are doing a hajatation, talking to you

Pimp – Akalai Ho Ni
First person – yes
Dalal – Do Dina Mein Puri Jav Niva Thirty
First person – yes
Broker number will be fulfilled that I will be in two or three days
The first one is done
Broker – Time It Lags Coni
First person- Yes, my thing is also happening
Broker- I do not tell Saab that there are two people who are doing hajitation, their direct talk to you
First person – yes

Brokers – Their direct talk is with you and the detail they give will work there with immediate effect. Said that Sanjay Bhai has told you that there is no problem anywhere. Work will happen immediately.
A first-person is a new person.
Broker – At least you should give me the information that your point has been completed .. Remaining page 8
(Dawa- First person is Bhanwarlal.)

CM Ashok Gehlot and party remove both leaders from the party after the audio.

First-person- Yes broker- Sachinji list Dev ni to tho waau ko daryo ki maaron hai ko bhi Nahin hai, First-person- Yes, say shu shun dalal- And a Tharo Girdhari ji is the first person- If in the day Possible if one Gajendra ji listened and got two brokers – Now I will get the first person done – Yes, just get the two brokers – One,

I should give the information that Girdhari ji said that one-day Khatar will go to the village, I am Kyo Abar Kimi Kaun Kaana The first person for the whole five-seven days – neither a bar, who knows the brokers for two-three days – now I have to keep you going.

Second person- Hello, Gajendra Singh Arjam Amar Maharaj
First person – I am older, I am older then I should be blessed
Second person – absolutely chef
First person – may you win, may you win
Second person – your blessings are victorious
First person – Number must be fulfilled in one day
Second person- Just, now that the number is complete, then Banka Goda bowed down, now how many times have I even talked about Kaal Sanjay ji
First person – yes

The second person – now you don’t have 8–10 days or 10–15 days, who can remain in the farm for 10–15 days, people have left their lives.
First person – new thing I should also understand that Hotel Soon Raj Chawl Kauni
Second Person – Yes
The first person – Ar is the number force, and the rest will be your point.
Second Person – Yes
First person – maori wa list ma kauni
Second person – I am, I will talk
First person – ok
Second Person – Ok Hukam

(The government claims that the first person is Bhanwarlal and the second is Gajendra Singh)

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