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Here are 6 tips on how to prevent the coronavirus from entering the body

Coronavirus is the biggest disease of this century, affecting 124.7 million people worldwide. A vaccine has been developed for this disease, but corona cannot be cured by vaccination alone. The mask is still two yards away to avoid the corona and break its chain. Covid-19 has now reached the level of community spread in our country. In this case, we cannot avoid contact with the virus even if we want to, but the virus can be prevented from entering the body.
It enters the body through the throat and nose. On the first day, the virus becomes very weak and is confined to the upper respiratory tract of our body. So if some home remedies are followed, the virus will die before it enters our body. Let’s see how we can prevent the corona from entering the body during this difficult time. These spices can kill the virus at the beginning.

To kill the virus early, make a decoction of turmeric, celery, paprika, black pepper, cinnamon, and black salt and drink it twice daily. The decoction should be hot enough to be drunk slowly like tea.

Prevent the virus from entering the body with gargles

Mix turmeric and black salt and gargle with water. This will kill the coronavirus before it can build up in the body. This will help protect the adjacent airway from the corona.
Social distance is a great weapon
Whenever you come out of the house, first change your clothes, wash your hands and face to protect your family members. Be sure to drink warm water as soon as you get home. This will prevent the formation of corona in your body and will also protect your body from this virus.

You can drink turmeric milk as well at night before going to bed. Turmeric will not only boost immunity but also protect against many other diseases. Be sure to clear your throat after drinking milk. Gargle with warm water to get rid of any small amount of viruses that have entered our body.

Consume this decoction

Make a decoction by boiling cloves, cardamom, paprika, and cinnamon in water. You can also mix molasses or sugar in it if you wish. Strain the decoction and take it twice a day. All of these spices act as antiviral drugs. Daily intake of it will help in killing the corona in the body.
Do not touch the face repeatedly
Make sure you don’t touch your mouth repeatedly until the virus is completely gone. Wash your hands frequently to get rid of the virus.

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