Top 5 books in real estate

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Best 5 books to read if you are in the real estate business.

Books are the go-to looking into people’s minds and getting to know their life experiences.

One of the best books is the rich dad poor dad.
Robert Kiyosaki has explained beautifully the power of real estate in that book.

One dad being his poor dad who works 9-5 and struggles to have a wealthy lifestyle. The rich dad whereas invests his money on assets and makes more money from it.

All 5 are must-reads and it can help you develop the knowledge

1 – The Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki

Robert’s book is all about building wealth and finding ways to grow it. real estate and small businesses are common themes throughout the book.
It teaches you how to have the right mindset and generate passive income from real estate investing.

2 – The book on rental property investing – by Brandon Taylor

The author is a real estate entrepreneur himself and vice president of growth at the real estate investing social network. This guide is easy to understand and follow and it teaches you how to avoid the biggest mistakes, the strategies are simple and the advice given is great for beginners.

3 – The millionaire real estate agent – by Gray Keller

It explains three concepts that drive production economic, organizational, and lead generation models that are the foundations of any high achiever’s business. how to “earn a million”, “net a million”, and “receive a million” in annual income.

Top 5 books for real estate business
Top 5 books for real estate business

As the market shifts, the consumer will value the agent more than ever before.

4 – The ABC of real estate in India – by Sachin Mittal

Firstly, the name suggests this publication provides the readers with the basics of real estate investment. Apart from it, the financial aspects of the marketing strategies. Secondly, It covers all the facts of the real estate industry including insights on the recently implemented RERA and GST bills and its impact on the Indian economy.

5 – What every Indian should know before investing – by Vinod Pottayil

This book covers every investment option available in India. it also covers the taxation part of each investment which most people are unaware of. Moreover, it helps to understand all the pros and cons of different investment options.

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