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A Guide To Start Career As A freelancer On Websites Like Upwork, Freelancer, People Per Hour

Freelancing is getting famous with the young generation day by day. Thousands of people are joining it today. Many of them start freelancing without an effective work plan. Although, It affects the quality of freelance work. But on the other hand, quality becomes the primary concern for every client with such a rapid growth rate. So they prefer to choose the freelancers with the least negative feedback and select freelancers who have more experience.

If you want to get succeed in freelancing your main goal should be providing great work to clients and satisfy them with your quality work. The key to success is your skills, knowledge, honesty, integrity, dedication, and passion for excellence. The more you practice the better you will become. Below we are sharing some tips from our personal experiences.

1. Find Your Skill, Be an Expert in it –

You need to focus on one of your main skill in which you are good at and be an expert in it. These days everything is upgrading so you need to follow the trends as well and keep learning and practice your skill.

2. Never Copy/Paste The Proposal –

The proposal is the first interaction with a client and a freelancer. So it must be appealing to them. Always send a customized proposal request for each project. Many new freelancers make this mistake by using a template proposal that will cost them. Always read the client’s requirements and answer the question if the client asks in a job post. Then, submit the proposal with a clear understanding and never hesitate to ask any questions from clients.

A guide to start career as a freelancer
A guide to start career as a freelancer

3. Work In Contracts Only –

From a freelancer’s perspective, one thing you should always keep in mind never work for free or demo without a contract. If a client asking for something like this it’s a red flag for you, avoid these client’s which will cost you your time and money, as well as online portals like Upwork, have strict policies for it.

4. Manage Your Time –

Freelancing is not a cup of tea for everyone because when you working with client’s from all over the world with different timezone. Always keep updated your client’s so they know about your response on the projects and track your working hours properly also discuss the time you are going to take for a project, before starting a contract so everything is crystal clear between you and your client.

If you have any queries related to freelancing or need personal advice from use feel free to contact us anytime.

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