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In this situation of coronavirus, most people used to work from home. And working in the same position for long periods of time is common for people to have muscle strains and back pain.

Whether you work from home or not, if your normal daily schedule is to sit still for several hours at a time, stay active throughout the day to avoid the negative health complications of being lethargic, such as an increased risk for cancer. It is important to try to stay. In fact, with a little exercise you can boost your overall health and fitness.

What if you sat for eight hours a day and walked for only 3 minutes every hour?

This is a 150 minute or two-and-a-half-hour haste exercise recommended by the World Health Organization – without even setting foot in the gym.

Read on for a practical plan to integrate three-minute intervals into another sluggish eight-hour workday.

get up. sit down. Repeat

It is important to get up from your chair in at least an hour. The easiest way to start shaking is to get up from your chair and sit back in a workout.

Coaches and trainers call it a box squat.

From standing in front of your chair, sit slowly, contact the seat without placing your full weight on it. Then drive with your legs, legs, and ankles to stand back.

Pumping your heart

Think about it: You are not moving too much sideways while sitting at a desk. A jumping jack is a simple but effective side-to-side movement that takes your heart to pump.

As mentioned, I’m not advising you to get out of your chair, every hour and start jumping jacks right away. To avoid the possibility of injury after sitting for a long time, first prepare your body for any kind of high-impact activity. Preparation time counts up to three minutes, so take a minute to do some side turns, lethal lungs, and jogging before heading to the jumping jack. If jumping is too much for you, modify it with alternate steps instead of jumping.

Move your hands to relieve stress

Ever wonder if typing in your hands can contribute to the strain on your shoulders?

Make a clenched fist and then open your hand and spread your fingers as wide as possible. Repeat five times. Then make a fist and slowly rotate your wrist five times in one direction. Repeat in the opposite direction. Open your hand and use your opposite hand to gently press your fingers to pull your wrists and the inside of the hand. Hold for three breaths. Repeat pressing your hand forward to pull the back of your hand and wrist.

Then focus on your fingers. Use your opponent’s hand to hold and stabilize your wrist as you stick your thumb out and make three circles in one direction and then in the other. Repeat this process with each finger to the best of your ability.

Finish standing up, with your fingers together and your arms up and your palms up. You can see that you struggle with some fingers more than others and that it is more difficult with your non-dominant hand. Ok, You do your best and over time you will see improvement.

Move your legs too

Stress can cause a muscle chain reaction in your feet. The movements of your lower body most importantly ankle and feet can help you to feel fresh and active.

however, if you work in a real office, consider colleagues who don’t want to see (or sniff) your feet.

Cross one leg, focus on the upper leg. Point your ankles forward and downwards, like a ballerina, then bend your legs backward to point upwards, making them as wide as possible. Repeat 10 times. Then slowly rotate your ankle 10 times in one direction. Repeat in the opposite direction. Focusing on your fingers, take a moment to see if you can move your big toe, small toe, and other fingers freely.

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