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With the multi-award-winning documentary Sikh Musical Heritage ‘The Untold Story’, Professor Surinder Singh makes previously unaccessible knowledge available. The powerful technique of Sikh Music would have almost been forgotten and its history never been told without the dedication and efforts undertaken by Yogi Ji to initiate a broad Sikh Music revival. You can explore the insight of the Sikh music writings and the Shabad kirtan which is almost completely unheard these days.

The documentary is one of our big milestones, which for the first time compiles and presents historic evidence and philosophical insight into the art of Sikh Music, also known as Kirtan or Gurmat Sangeet. In this picture, you can see Yogi Professor Surinder Singh Ji in one of the interview shootings sharing his great understanding of Sikh musicology, the study of the emotional properties of the musical moods (Raags) within Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

sikh musical hertiage
sikh musical hertiage

Anandpur sahib and Sikh music

We continue to celebrate the outstanding contribution which our documentary brought to the world. ‘Sikh Musical Heritage – The Untold Story’ is the only documentary available that sheds light on the richness of the musical heritage gifted to humanity by Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the turbulent history which almost led to its extinction. ⠀

Brought into the world thanks to the profound research and tireless effort of Professor Surinder Singh. the documentary is now available for everyone to learn about this so far untold story. Here you can see Yogi Ji is one of the shootings for our documentary with his Saranda, one of the beautiful Sikh instruments in which Raj Academy is dedicated to preserving and reviving to accompany the singing of Guru’s Shabad. ⠀

You can play a role in the Sikh Music revival, too. Make your first step and educate yourself about the purpose, aesthetics, and history of Sikh Music by watching our documentary this weekend.

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