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The story behind famous Sikh Dhaba Hyderabad

He anticipated a religious riot and said that only the Sikhs could help them. That’s when about 14,000 Sikhs came all the way from Lahore to Hyderabad on horses. It took them 45 days.

Sikh kitchen in Hyderabad
Sikh kitchen in Hyderabad

While some decided to go back, others continued to live here in different parts of the state, to serve. Some of them also joined the police force, fighting bravely. Looking at the dedication, the Nizam offered the Sikhs 14 cantonments in the then Hyderabad state.

The bond between the Nizams and the Sikhs only grew following that. Soon a Gurudwara was also built in Nanded, part of the Hyderabad state, commissioned by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, with the support of the Nizams- this is a story that has been continued from one generation to another one.

That was the time when the Ameerpet Gurudwara, in current Hyderabad, was being constructed. It was much smaller. After school, we would run around and play there. I also remember serving in the Gurudwara. Back then, college and graduation wasn’t really a thing.

My father was in the police and my brother took the same path. But I chose to serve the Gurudwara. Since then, I have been associated with this holy place. Every Sunday, we conduct huge langar which more than 1,500 people from different religions attend. It’s not about which God you worship or what your beliefs are – it’s about humanity and equality. Those are the preachings we believe in and stand by.

The struggle of a small startup Punjabi kitchen

“We stopped receiving regular rains. All hope was lost. I was not keen on farming, but I sensed the conditions deteriorating. It’s been around 25 years now and my family back in Rajasthan continues to struggle.
As a young man with a family to feed, I was clueless.

I didn’t have the skills nor were the conditions suitable for farming. That’s when a relative suggested I move to Hyderabad, where he successfully ran a Dhaba. It was my only strand of hope and I clung on to it.

I knew nothing about cooking or running an eatery back then. So, he gave me the job of looking after the functioning of the Dhaba. I could have never imagined that to be my big push. From knowing absolutely nothing to running my own Dhaba today, it has been phenomenal.

After 2-3 years of supervising his Dhaba, I decided it was time for me to set up one of my own. On a highway, close to a college, I found the perfect spot. This business, like any other, required a certain process to grow. I chose my target audience, understood their tastes, and found what I could serve best in their budget while managing to make my profits.

Slowly everything started falling into place. My customers liked the respect I had for them and the lively atmosphere of My Dhaba. Within months, my Dal and Chana became a huge hit! As time progressed and business expanded, my sons joined in and even got another branch with seating for families. But I refused to let go of this small Dhaba.

This was the humble beginning that has brought me and my family so far ahead.”

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