Sachin Pilot and Political Crisis


Sachin Pilot’s arrival in Delhi caused panic overnight.

The news of Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot’s sudden departure to Delhi amidst political disturbances over the alleged conspiracy to topple the government caused panic throughout the night. It has been reported that Pilot has reached Delhi by ‘band hiding’ some MLAs of his group. In such a situation, from the media to social media, at any time in the state’s politics, there was a possibility of a strong ‘explosion’.

The trend of everyone in the state’s politics can be gauged from the fact that Sachin Pilot suddenly started trending on social media late at night. However, the news that megastar Amitabh Bachchan was found to be Corona positive pushed him down a few notches in the trending list after some time.

Trending on social media #SachinPilot.

Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot’s departure to Delhi is not new. He has been traveling to Delhi every few days for political and personal reasons. But after the FIR registered on Saturday by the SOG for a big conspiracy to topple the government. The state’s politics remained in the headlines across the country.

There was no response from Sachin Pilot throughout the day. Amidst all these agitations and he suddenly turned to Delhi. This is the reason why this time of the pilot’s tour of Delhi remained a topic of discussion among the people and they were trolling for many hours on social media.

Sachin pilot vs ashok gahlot
Sachin pilot vs ashok gahlot

Leaders denying pilot’s displeasure.

While Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot was busy in the ministers’ meeting till late in the night. the news of Sachin Pilot going to Delhi. Also, some MLAs of his faction created a stir throughout the night. The news came that some rooms of a hotel near Gurgaon adjacent to Delhi have been booked for MLAs. In such a situation, some major changes were expected in the state.

But party leaders continued to deny the news of Pilot’s displeasure or any kind of crisis to the government. State in-charge Avinash Pandey also denied that there was any dissatisfaction in the party. He claimed that all the leaders are united and there is no crisis of any kind.

The MLAs who had gone to Delhi had come to Delhi, amid reports of the fallout of MLAs in Delhi amid the fall of the government for lobbying in the cabinet expansion and the purchase of MLAs, but the reality is different. Most of the MLAs who have reached Delhi are youngsters who won the election for the first time and became MLAs. When the young MLAs arrived in Delhi, the MLAs had come to meet the top leaders for possible cabinet reshuffle and adjustment in political appointments.

Sachin Pilot and BJP connections.

The legislators said that they keep coming to Delhi constantly for lobbying. They put their point before the top leaders. Young legislators are lobbying in Delhi to get representation in the cabinet and political appointments.
A young MLA from Nagaur district says that all are being looked at with suspicion which is not right, some are free to go anywhere. However, At the same time, the news of 22 MLAs arriving in Delhi late night is not embracing everyone because the chances of 22 MLAs reaching Delhi after the boundaries are sealed at 6 pm are unlikely.

Pilot’s silence on political developments will return to Jaipur tomorrow. while state Congress President Sachin Pilot is keeping quiet about political developments that have been going on for the last two days. Neither did he tweet nor make any statement. It is said that Sachin Pilot will reach Jaipur tomorrow morning and only then he will take any step.

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