Role of women in agriculture of Punjab

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Despite the 45 percent contribution, the role of women in the agricultural sector is neglected

While the role of women in other activities is very important in daily life, the contribution of women in agriculture has been important and special from the very beginning. In addition to fulfilling domestic responsibilities, women have played a major role in every aspect of agriculture, including diversification, allied occupations, and environmental protection.

Unfortunately, the role of women in agriculture has been neglected from the very beginning. In more and more villages and towns, women also work in the fields but due to their illiteracy, they do not get full wages as compared to men, which has led to their economic exploitation.

The contribution of women is as important as that of men in agriculture

Agriculture Officer Dr. Amrik Singh said that women farmers, being an integral part of agricultural development and prosperity, contribute more than 45% in the agricultural sector. He said that in the olden day’s farmers in the villages used to join hands with men and women in all kinds of agricultural activities. Women were also mainly responsible for animal husbandry, milk selection, milk handling, etc.

The women also took care of the seeds of the crops and the grain for home use. In the olden days, women were also responsible for making flour from home use, milking and babysitting, but now with the passage of time, women’s interest in domestic work has also diminished. However, by encouraging women and giving them full respect, if they are given the responsibility again, many problems related to agriculture can be solved and costs can be reduced.

The role of women in allied occupations

As far as agricultural occupations are concerned, women are not far behind in this field. Beekeeping, dairy farming, poultry farming, pomegranate cultivation, making pickles from fruits and vegetables, making and selling sauces, jams, squash etc. are some of the auxiliary occupations which are being successfully run by women. In addition, women can work more successfully by creating home gardens to grow vegetables and pulses for domestic needs.

For this purpose, women can get training from Krishi Vigyan Kendra. These works are being carried out very successfully by the women in many villages of Punjab by forming self-help groups.

Environmental responsibility

Women can play a major role in keeping the environment clean. Domestic waste, household smoke and wastewater are important factors in polluting the environment. There are two types of household waste, of which women can play an important role by keeping wet waste separate from dry waste in the form of vegetables, fruit peels and leftover food. Women can make homemade compost from wet waste and use it in their home garden.

Pledge to be taken on March 8

Internationally, March 8 is celebrated every year as International Women’s Day, the main purpose of which is to show love and respect for women and to remember the invaluable contribution of women in social development. On the occasion of Women’s Day being celebrated this year, everyone should pledge to give due respect to women in every field as well as their rights and not to neglect their important contribution in other fields including agriculture. Let’s go.

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