Organic farming in Punjab


Kamaljit Singh Resigned from advocate job and started natural farming.

Kamaljit Singh Hair, an ideal farmer who practiced poison-free farming It may be recalled that Kamaljit Singh Hair used to advocate in the court of the historic city of Sri Muktsar Sahib, the land of forty Muktas, but his desire to practice non-poisonous farming made him a successful farmer. He set up a ‘Sohangarh Farm’ on his farm at Sohangarh-Ratewala on the road to Guruharsahai, about 20 km from Sri Muktsar Sahib.

He says that although he was earning lakhs of rupees through advocacy, he is getting a lot of peace of mind due to organic farming and he will always be ready to take this work forward. Kamaljit Hair’s dream is for the entire state to engage in non-toxic farming to prevent the spread of deadly diseases, as health is the greatest thing for a human being.

Organic farming in Punjab
Organic farming in Punjab

How he found the idea of and how he started

Through which he came in contact with renowned agronomist Om Prakash Rupela. When Rupela asked him to develop a model farm. So, they would set an example for others, Kamaljit immediately agreed.

Kamaljit along with his fellow advocates Gurbaj Singh Dosanjh, Ashok Kumar and Pappu Kumar formed the Sohangarh Organic Food Society and started organic farming on 15 acres of land. Since then it has not looked back and the area has been increased. Apart from wheat, many other crops, fruits, pulses, and vegetables started being produced on this farm without any poison.

The farm has a large number of different types of plants. Many herbs are also used to make medicines. All kinds of vegetables and fruits are ready. The farm is decorated in every way and everything is being prepared. From the outside, the look of this farm looks very beautiful and inside, there are magnificent mud huts and huts, etc.

While Kamaljit Hair has been honored by various organizations for his organic farming, he has also been given awards by the Punjab Government. The Punjab Government has honored him with the ‘Punjab Youth Achiever Award’.

Agricultural scientists, high officials, and many other conscious people have come to the farm.

When people came to know about the Sohangarh farm and it was discussed, besides many agronomists and high officials, many other conscious people started coming to this farm. Many Punjabi singers have also visited this farm. Many college students have also come for information.

In addition to this, farmer training camps are organized from time to time to provide information to the farmers on this farm and many farmers visit these camps and get new information. Many seminars and agricultural camps have been organized. This form is being discussed far and wide. A variety of vegetable seeds are also grown on this farm.

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