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Moose Jattana’s Viral Video Truth

In the past 24hours, a video is going viral on social media and all over the internet of a girl from Australia who came to India to support farmers’ protests. Moose Jattana is known for frankly speaking her views on all the topics including three farm bills passed by the Indian government a few months ago.

However, in the video, it looks like she is streaming online on any website or social media and the video goes viral as the video is not likely to viewed by teenagers. Whereas, no comment or any kind of tweet is done by her about the matter of the viral video.

It’s not clear yet that the video which is going viral over social media is edited or not. But, many of Moose Jattan fans got hurt by the acts she is doing in the video. This can also lead to defaming the religion as well as the ongoing protests in Delhi city by farmers.

We will provide the update as soon as possible on this matter after getting any confirmed news from the valid resources.

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