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Manbir & Indepreet in deep conversation with satnam singh about Sikh history

Satnam Singh is a researcher in early Sikh history and literature with a special focus on the library of Guru Gobind Singh. He is based in Denmark and works as a senior advisor to the authorities on how to prevent honor-based conflicts and violence.

Khyaal Podcast Episode 6

This podcast has once again shown the very fluid lines between Indic religions. Whilst the guest speaker might have used the word “convert” from Hinduism to Sikhism, a history of the Sikhs themselves till the late 18th century, was that a Sikh could be both a scholar of the Vedas and a wedded disciple of the Guru. Though, Manbir and Inderpreet having jobs and families to take care but they still manage time to aware the Sikh community as well as explore the tradition they also visited many gurudwara sahibs last year in Pakistan and made a short video series to show the real-life and struggle Sikhs going through now as a minority in Pakistan.

Satnam Singh also shares how we revitalize Sikh Art Forms. He added to talk about the misconception about the 350 kg book. He shared the story of how did Guru Gobind Singh bring poets To Anandpur & why did they stay because at that time Sikh music and the Guru Granth Sahib’s respects at the peak. All the religions respect each other and the kavi’s in the darbar come from different states of the Sikh Raj.

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