Make money from the farming of Mushrooms

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Anxiety about getting a job, then earn millions from this business from home

If you are worried about losing your job all the time, don’t worry. Instead, you can start your own business. Today we are going to tell you about one such business with which you can earn good money.

There are many educated youths associated with the soil of the country who have turned to agriculture for earning. If you too have a passion for farming, get yourself a product that can guarantee you income. Exotic Vegetable Button Mushrooms and Mushrooms are in demand in restaurants and hotels. Nowadays, the number of people learning amateur recipes from YouTube has also increased, due to which the demand for Button Mushroom is increasing.

Button mushrooms are something that is rich in minerals and vitamins. Due to this benefit, mushrooms are becoming popular. Its retail price in the market is Rs 300 to Rs 350 per kg and the wholesale price is 40 per cent lower. Due to its high demand, many farmers have shifted from conventional farming to mushroom cultivation.

It will start at Rs 50,000 – button mushrooms can be cultivated as compost. One quintal of fertilizer takes 1.5 kg of seeds. About 2000 kg of mushrooms are prepared by making 4 to 5 quintals of compost. Now if a 2000 kg mushroom can be sold at Rs 150 per kg, it costs around Rs 3 lakh.

Of this, if you remove the value of Rs 50,000, you save Rs 2.5 lakh, even though it costs less than Rs 50,000. 10 kg of mushrooms per square meter is easily produced.

This is the method of cultivation – mushrooms can be grown at least 40 to 30 feet in three-foot-wide racks.

Soak the paddy straw for composting and after one day add DAP, urea, potash, wheat germ, gypsum, calcium and carbo furadon and leave it to decompose.

The compost is ready after about 45 days. Now, mix equal amount of dung manure and soil and then add a thick layer about one and half inch thick and then add two to three inch thick layer of compost. Keep it moist, so spray the mushrooms two to three times a day and apply a layer of compost or two inches of compost on it.

Training can be taken here – Training in mushroom cultivation is given in all agricultural universities and agricultural research centers. If you are planning to cultivate it on a large scale, it is best to train it properly once.

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