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New LIC Housing Finance has introduced a new home loan scheme in April 2021

The name of this special scheme is Griha Varishth. Under this, senior citizens will be given exemption of six monthly installments (EMI) of home loans.

When will EMIs be waived?

A statement issued by the company said that the benefit of the ‘Griha Varishth’ scheme would be extended to the employees and pensioners covered under the Defined Benefit Pension Scheme (DBPS). EMI There is an additional benefit offered under the discount scheme. Under this scheme, senior citizens taking home loans will not have to pay 36th, 38th, 72rd, 74th, 121st, and 123rd monthly installments.
According to the statement, the borrower under the scheme should be 65 years of age. The term of the loan will be 80 years or a maximum of 30 years, whichever is earlier. CEO of LIC Housing Finance Y. Viswanath Gaur said that Griha Varishth has seen good growth since its launch in July 2020 due to its distinctive features. The company has disbursed about 20,000 loans worth Rs 4,000 crore. Under this, account holders will be given six EMIs. Will be discounted.

10% Flat Cashback on Train Ticket Booking, Learn About SBI Card Features

However, If you continue to travel by train, IRCTC SBI Card Premier can be beneficial for you. With this card, you can get IRCTC. 10% flat cashback is available on train ticket bookings through the app or website.

Card features

  • IRCTC Reward points for booking tickets for AC-1, AC-2, AC-3, and AC-chair cars when booking through website or mobile app (Android) 10 percent value back is available in the form of.
  • With this card, 5% value back is given in the form of flight ticket booking and reward points on
  • This card provides 5% value back as a reward point on e-catering purchases through
  • Whereas, With this card, IRCTC There is no 1% transaction charge for booking tickets on website.
  • 1.8% transaction charge will not be charged for booking flight tickets on through this card.
  • Welcome gift forms will be available as 1500 Reward Points.
  • With this card, you can access the railway lounge access 8 times a year. However, you can access Railway Lounge Access twice a quarter.
  • Spending Rs 50,000 in a year earns 2500 reward points.
  • The joining fee for this card is Rs. 1500 for travel expenses of Rs. 1 lakh in a year.
  • The approx annual amount for this card is Rs. 1500. 5000 Reward Points are earned
  • After spending Rs.1.50-2 lakhs in a year, the annual fee is reversed.

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