Keep these things in mind if you want to stay in a happy relation

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Everyone, boy or girl, has certain habits that they do not like. Boys have a lot of habits that most girls dislike and these habits are not good either, which is probably why when girls see such habits in boys they start running away from them.

Not keeping clean:

Boys who don’t care about cleanliness at all, girls slowly build them up because most girls are very careful about cleanliness. Boys whose rooms are always dirty, girls don’t like to go to them.

Abuse anywhere:

Many boys have a habit of not looking around and using the wrong words, girls like these boys less. Many people use abusive language. Girls may not be able to say anything in front of such people, but they definitely feel uncomfortable.


In the eyes of girls, drug addicts are very irresponsible, so as soon as they find out that someone around them is addicted to drugs, they distance themselves from it. An intoxicated person loses consciousness and makes a lot of mistakes and no girl would want to tolerate all this.


Girls prefer to stay away from boys who are very angry or bully because most girls are soft and do not support violence without talking, so girls do not like to have any kind of relationship with such boys.

The second reason why you shouldn’t try to ‘fix’ broken people (if you’re not a professional) is that you can’t guarantee that you will always be available. You have your own life, your own issues that you have to deal with and your own life has its ups and downs. The reality is that you cannot provide as much care as a person needs.

Because you are not a professional therapist who gives your clients a fixed amount of time, your partner will expect you to serve him 24 hours a day. If for some reason you are not able to do so, it will affect them and make them feel that you have left them halfway through.

That way, taking care of your partner will be your full-time job and you will have no time left for yourself. So no matter which way you look at it, it is a false myth and should be avoided and opposed in every way.

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