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resident accused the government to neglect the fort.

The historic fort of Jaito Mandi (Gangsar Jaito), once part of Nabha state, collapsed in heavy rains yesterday due to the alleged intransigence of the administration. With the collapse of this fort, a chapter in the history of Jaito disappeared. the memories of which were associated with the front which Jaito’s descendants had waged against the British government. It has been called in Sikh history the cornerstone of India’s independence.

Not only this, with the collapse of this fort, the memorial of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was imprisoned in this fort for some time before becoming the first Prime Minister of India and made his first political arrest in Jaito, is now a heap of dust.

The people of the city have been blaming the governments from time to time for the plight of this historic monument, which was allegedly neglected and the monument was on the verge of extinction.

History of the fort for Sikh Raj

Talking about this, the residents of the town said that the fort belonged to Maharaja Ripudaman Singh of Nabha state as Jaito was a part of Nabha state. He said that after the removal of Maharaja Ripudaman Singh from the throne, a front was formed in Jaito and that front was the beginning of India’s war of independence against the British. According to him, the fort was in perfect condition and a police station was set up in it.

He said that due to the negligence of the government, the fort gradually started collapsing and today the rest of the fort also collapsed. While the fort was a symbol of the Nabha state, the first political arrest of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru before independence took place in Jaito. They were locked in the barracks of this fort. Sanjay Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi came here from time to time to see this monument and also issued grants for its renovation and maintenance but where those grants went, no one knows. He said that a police station was set up on most of the memorial and it collapsed in front of his eyes.

He demanded that the fort be rebuilt and the monument be preserved so that the new generation could know its heritage and history. On this occasion, Hira Vanti Jaito Naib Tehsildar asked whether the memorial of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was in the notice of the government. They found out if the monument had collapsed. He has brought the matter to the notice of the government, which will take action as per the orders of the government.

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