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Fruit juice in weight loss journey

Fruit Juice Healthy?
Many family households consume liters of fruit juice a week, unaware of the volume of sugar inside.

Cheaper refined juices have heaps of additional sugar added. Why?
To make the product taste more appealing and reduce the cost compared to 100% freshly squeezed fruit juice.

It’s common in your average supermarket to pick up a Meal deal with a bottle of fruit juice included. (Average bottle between 250-500ml)
100% organic freshly squeezed orange juice, sounds healthy but little do many know it will have anywhere from 22 – 44g of sugar per bottle.
This is equal to 5.5 – 11 teaspoons of sugar!

You wouldn’t add 11 teaspoons of sugar to coffee or tea, but it’s common to give children an equal amount of sugar, disguised as “Liquid Fruit?”

Is Fruit Juice Healthy
Is Fruit Juice Healthy

How to continue with your weight loss process.

If you’re not enjoying your weight loss journey — you despise your diet, loathe grocery shopping, dread working out, etc. — then you’re doing your future self a tremendous disservice. Something needs to change.

I’m not saying you have to absolutely love ‘n’ adore every second of losing weight. At times, it’s difficult to stick to your nutrition plan or muster up the energy to slip on your flippy-floppies and head to the gym.

But if you’re in a constant state of unhappiness, it’ll just be a matter of time before you quit altogether.⠀
And while some approaches to diet & exercise are more suitable for achieving sustainable fat loss results, at the end of the day, what ultimately matters is YOU.

You need to stop comparing yourself to others.⠀

You need to stop punishing yourself every time you slip up. (remember, no one’s perfect)

You need to make sure that you’re following diet & exercise protocols that you enjoy. (or at least tolerate and value)

You need to know it’s okay to have “fun foods” on occasion. (just remember there’s a difference between eating one piece and the entire box/package)

YOU need to recognize that progress is progress, no matter how small.⠀
Weight loss is hard work, no doubt…⠀
It shouldn’t be miserable, though.

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