How to use creativity

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Tips for freelancer designers and how to use multiple ideas.

When it comes to organizing multiple ideas, what’s your secret weapon?

Divide your ideas and develop a different concept for each of them! This will benefit YOU in many ways too:

  1. Your client will know that you understood the briefing
  2. You’ll come off as creative and committed to your client
  3. It’ll be a win-win situation for you and your client because they’ll have a selection to decide from!
How to use creativity as a designer
How to use creativity as a designer

Networking as a freelance designer is a very important, but often difficult skill. So we’ve decided to make it a little easier for you with some tips/tricks to networking as a freelance designer.

  1. Have something to show for yourself like a resume or portfolio
  2. Create a networking pitch you can use everywhere
  3. Establish an online presence for yourself
  4. Join existing networks
  5. Be confident but cautious when networking

How to take advantage of multiple ideas?
We already learned how to keep our design simple. But, if you actually have a lot of different creative ideas, what should you do with them?
Simple: you have to divide them and develop a different concept upon each of them

What are the benefits for you?

  • Your client will see that you have understood the briefing.
  • The client will see that you are really creative and committed.
  • You give your client a selection from which to decide. It’s a win-win situation.

But the truth is that amazing ideas usually evolve from pretty unpromising, or ugly early sketches.
The important skills to make great ideas. So, how do designers do it? Here are some tips!

Here are some tips:

  1. Learn the importance of idea generation
  2. Start with a detailed brief of the project
  3. Embrace the deadline
  4. Sketch on paper, not on the computer
  5. Search problems using words as well as visuals
  6. Talk ideas through with other people

It’s hard to tell exactly how you will get your first client.⁠

However, there are some well-known simple strategies that new designers take to set themselves up for success.⁠

  • Put your name and work out there, expose yourself – Get online, and interact with people. Make sure you are responding thoughtfully and in a genuine manner.
  • Browse industry-specific or freelancer job sites – Select the sites which are most relevant to your niche and create a profile or automated email alert on each.
  • Understand your market and communicate clearly – Whom you want to help, what solution is going to offer to solve their problem, why your offer is different from the competition.
  • Have a plan and set realistic expectations – Give yourself some time to build a pipeline of leads. In addition, have a plan to sustain your living expenses in the meantime to take the pressure off.
  • Build a professional-looking portfolio – It’s essential to present your portfolio professionally and include only high-quality works.

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