Health tips for better sleep

Health Tips

Benefits of good sleep and Vitamin A on lifestyle.

A daily reminder to unplug and take care of the things you really need: hydration, exercise, and rest. It can be easy to neglect the basics when we’re caught up in a 24/7 news cycle, endless social discord, and trying to make sense of all the chaos. The basics don’t change, though, and if we make a little time for them every day, we’ll be a lot happier and healthier.

The journey to strength, health, or fitness is a lifetime one so you have to have balance. Don’t dig yourself into a hole by making every day a physical or mental challenge.

Need of a good sleep and vitamin a
Need of a good sleep and vitamin a

A 2010 study investigated the effects of sleep on body composition in people on a moderate caloric deficit. The researchers found that sleeping around 8 hours per day results in more fat loss and muscle reservations when compared to sleeping only around 5 hours per day.

More recent research by Wang et al. supports that sleep restriction tends to negatively affect muscle preservation and fat loss while on a fat loss diet. So it’s a good idea to take a good look at your sleeping habits if you are trying to lose fat while (at least) maintaining muscle.

The tips to improve sleep include the basics like minimizing blue light exposure before sleep, avoiding caffeine close to the bed, having a relaxation routine, and exercising consistently.

But what tends to get overlooked is that before you fall asleep your core body temperature needs to drop. You can assist this process and possibly shorten sleep onset by sleeping in a somewhat cool room.

Another thing worth trying is the herb Ashwagandha or Magnesium supplements. (P.S DO NOT TAKE ANY MEDICATIONS WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS PRESCRIPTION)

Know the Vitamin A little deep

Vitamin A is needed to:
1. Help the immune system work properly.
2. Help vision in dim light.
3. Keep skin healthy.

In India the amount of vitamin A needed for adults is:
0.7mg a day for men
0.6mg a day for women

Large amounts of vitamin A during pregnancy can harm the unborn baby. If you’re pregnant don’t eat liver or liver products, such as pate, because these are very high in vitamin A.

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