Hackers using insurance policyholders

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Now the eyes of hackers are on insurance policyholders, doing so is a fraud.

It is common for people to get an insurance agent’s phone call to sell an insurance policy. But now hackers have their eye on this sector as well. Now we need to be vigilant even when such a call comes. This call may have been made with the intent of a hacker or a fraud.

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has warned against such scams. IRDAI has also outlined some things for potential insurance policy buyers that are very important to keep in mind. The IRDAI said that many people were getting reports of fraud in the name of insurance policies.

These hackers are preying on people in the name of RBI, insurance transaction department, or other government agencies. Now, these crooks are tempted to give excellent returns in the name of insurance policy and resume the lapsed policy easily or for free. More and more these hackers are making people their prey by claiming to pay more on the existing insurance policy.

Statement of IRDAI on increasing frauds online with policyholders.

In this regard, IRDAI has stated that it does not play any direct role in any type of insurance policy or any financial product. In such a situation, if someone receives a call in the name of IRDAI, it should be understood that it is a fraudulent call.

The IRDAI has said that action should be taken only after finding out the truth of any such call. People should contact the insurance company or its authorized agent directly to purchase any type of policy.

Hackers targeting insurance policyholders
Hackers targeting insurance policyholders

Read the guidelines to stay safe from these types of frauds in Punjab.

  • IRDAI / IGMS does not invest premiums received from any insurance company.
  • In the process of buying or selling any policy, IRDAI communicates with a person either directly or through its representative. IRDAI does not sell any financial products directly by phone or at its own level.

IRDAI / IGMS does not declare a bonus for any policyholder or insurer.

  • No IRDAI or Complaints Department official calls any policyholder. The IRDAI or its officials play an appropriate role and do not make a final decision on a complaint.
  • If a person makes false claims by showing IRDAI / IGMS documents/letterheads, it should be considered as a forged document. Many cases of fraud are committed by showing fake documents and offering bonuses or commissions.
  • If a person talks about selling insurance policy by showing IRDAI / IGMS ID card or selling insurance products by showing any transaction related to money then it can be a fraud. No IRDAI / IGMS official is authorized to do such work.
  • If a person transacts money with such a person, he will be responsible for the potential risk.
  • IRDA has advised that if a person becomes a victim of such a case, he should lodge a complaint with the police. They should give the police more important information about the caller’s details.

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