5 best free Insurance Policies in India

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These 5 Insurance Policies are available at no cost, find out how to get the benefits

After the Corona epidemic, everyone is worried about themselves and their families. In the Corona period, people are getting sicker and the cost of their treatment is in the millions. Whereas, Life and health insurance provide financial support to the family in the event of accidental death. Customers usually have to pay a high premium for any insurance. Here we are going to tell you about some of the Insurance Policies for which you do not have to pay any premium.

The advantage is found on LPG cylinders

LPG companies also provide a personal accident cover of Rs 50 lakh to their customers. Therefore, customers do not have to pay a single premium. Under this, if there is a leakage and blast due to a gas cylinder in a customer’s house, there is a compensation amount. Rs 2 lakh in case of loss and Rs 6 lakh in case of death of a person. There is also a cover of Rs 30 lakh for medical expenses if a person is injured.

Insurance facility is also available in Jan Dhan account

Customers get a Rupee debit card for opening a Jan Dhan account. It also comes with Life Insurance of Rs 30,000 and Personal Accident Insurance cover of Rs 2 lakh. However, In case of the death of the account holder, his family also gets an insurance facility. To make an insurance claim, the cardholder has to make at least one transaction from a bank branch, ATM, POS, e-com, etc.

Insurance is also available on debit and credit cards

Many banks also provide insurance cover on bank debit cards. This includes insurance such as Personal Accident Cover, Purchase Protection Cover. This helps customers up to Rs 10 lakh. Credit cards also have insurance cover, just like debit cards. So, these days it’s very handy to have a credit card.

Airtel also provides an insurance facility

Pre-paid recharges of Rs 289 and Rs 189 with Airtel offer Freel term life insurance. Freel term life insurance of Rs 4 lakh is available for recharging 289. Freel-term life insurance of Rs 2 lakh is available on a pre-paid recharge of Rs 179.

7 lakh cover under EPFO

EPFO provides a maximum cover of Rs. 7 lakhs to its workers under the Employee Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976. Under this scheme, the claim amount is received by the nominee of the member employee in case of illness, accident, or death.

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