Facts about Venice city


Venice a city built on the water

Venice is a city in Italy

Venice is made up of 118 islands in its lagoon, 400 bridges, 170 canals, and monuments, and very decorative and architectural churches that give Venice a magical atmosphere.

Making your experience unique in the fact the magic continues even during the night, in which Venice becomes even more charming and attractive. It is one of the most fantastic cities to visit every year. Around 19 million tourists come to visit this city

The most spectacular time to visit Venezia is February or during The Venice Carnival which is one of the most famous and most appreciated carnivals in the world.

In the Venice carnival weeks, you will find a Venice full of energy of festivities and celebrations in which you find masked balls, shows, parades and much more that is celebrated in a fabulous way in
February and January.

What to see in Venice?

Popular places to visit in Venice
Popular places to visit in Venice

SAN MARCO SQUARE is a very large square surrounded by monuments and churches full of history such as the Basilica of San Marco, the Palazzo Ducale.

St Mark’s Basilica
St Mark’s Basilica is a large Golden Church that represents the magnificence of The Republic of Venice.

San Marco Campanile
Campanile di San Marco offers an excellent view of the city and its lagoon Saint Mary of Health. However, it is the symbol of Baroque architecture, rich external decorations, and bright classrooms.

The Doge’s Palace is one of the symbols of the city of Venice and a masterpiece of Venetian Gothic, its beauty is based on a cunning aesthetic and physical paradox Bridge of Sighs represents the symbol of the lagoon
city, it can be admired in all its beauty at night with the gondola.

Rialto Bridge is the oldest of the four bridges of the Grand Canal. And it is very famous for both its architecture.

The Grand Canal is the main canal that crosses the historic center of Venice, it is in the shape of an inverted ” S” Burano, it’s houses are colorful and has lace-making One of the most colorful places in the world.

Ponte Degli Scalzi is the first bridge that welcomes you as soon as you exit the train station with which you can reach Piazza San Marco.
Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana (Marciana National Library) is the architectural structure is extraordinary, it is among the most beautiful and important libraries in the world and the books available are very numerous. The oldest can be seen through microfilm copies.

The basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa Dei Frari is the largest of the churches in Venice. Venetian Gothic style architecture in terracotta and working with Istrian stone.

Popular historical and tourist spots

Venetian Masks Workshop in Ca ‘ Macana The Ca ‘ Macana craft workshop deals with the production and sale of the best Venetian carnival masks.

High water
If you love bookstores and books I recommend you go to the Acqua Alta bookstore, this the bookstore is one of the most beautiful bookstores in the world. in this library, the books are arranged between absolutely bizarre objects such as trunks, suitcases, it is a corner of creativity between books and gondolas.

Among the narrowest calli, we have the Varisco Calle which measures only 53 centimeters in which two people struggle to pass at the same time there is a legend on this Calle that says the killers cannot cross it because otherwise they would be crushed by the two walls that
would precisely go to shrink to crush it inside.

The oldest ghetto in the world because it dates back to 1500, an open history that deserves to be visited, the Ghetto is completely different from the rest of the city since Venice is rich in decorations and magic while the ghetto is the exact opposite.

When you enter the ghetto you feel you are in a completely different place in the city and here you will still find the Jewish shops, the traditional Jewish objects, and the gate with the hooks with which they were closed so that in the free evening they could not go out.

Famous museum to visit

Museo del Merletto
Lace Museum where you can see works of art by women worked with patience it represents and demonstrates a rare and difficult art of the past.

The house surrounded by water
There is a single house in all of Venice surrounded by water on three sides, has single access on the back, and is located in the area of the high water library.

OTHER THINGS TO VISIT: Scuola Grande di San Marco, Church of San Salvador, Church of Sant Alvise. , Ponte Calatrava, NH Venezia Rio Novo, Basilica of Santi Maria e Donato, Museum of Palazzo Mocenigo WHAT TO BUY?

One of the most characteristic products of Venice is Murano glass and you can also go to the island of Murano to see for free how these are produced. Very beautiful, unique, and attractive are the Venetian Masks are the specialty of the Venice Carnival in fact you can find every type of mask model.

For example :
Venice flame mask Confit woman mask
Cat Mask and many other types of masks
In Venetian masks, you find elegance, the beauty of the design

Guide for tourism

the city where you travel with ships so you will not find the cars or motorbikes must be left in the parking lots (about € 20 per day) at the entrance of the city.

Here you will find only the people who travel it either by boat or on foot.
To visit Venice there is an entrance ticket that costs € 20 per day, there are various ways depending on how long or how many days you want to visit it. Therefore, if you are not a resident of Venice you have to pay this ticket to visit and there are also various passes.

To visit museums economically. To admire Venice from the water you have to use the Gondola, a ride costs € 80 for 30 minutes during the day while a 35-minute night ride costs € 100.

If you move away from the flow of people and go inside the city you will observe that Venice is as beautiful as spectacular as strange and has a lot of particular things that you find around the city sometimes they are hidden sometimes you have it right in front of the do and are all things that make absolutely no sense but are fascinated.

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