chewing nails can be harmful

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Quit the habit of chewing nails today, it can have dangerous consequences

You have been hearing since childhood that chewing nails is a bad habit, but no one has explained in detail why it is a bad habit. Yes, everyone knows that it can cause diseases, but how many serious diseases and health problems can there be, we have told you in this news today.

In fact, if there is a habit of chewing nails, which does not stop in time, then this habit becomes part of our routine. According to a study, 30 percent of the world’s population suffers from the habit of chewing nails. Let us know its serious disadvantages.

1. Skin Infections

According to health experts, chewing nails can cause a bacterial infection that can cause redness, swelling, etc. on the face. Not only that but sometimes bacterial infections under the nails can also cause pneumonia and uncontrollable pain. In this case, antibacterial drugs are needed.

2. Permanent disability

Many bacteria such as Pronichia can get out of control in the body and affect the feet and toe joints when we constantly move the nails inside the mouth. It is also called septic arthritis, which is not easy to treat. Not only that, but it can also lead to permanent disability.

3. Effects on nails

If you have an old habit of chewing nails, it can cause damage to the tissue inside the nail, which can cause permanent damage. This habit sometimes causes the nails to stop growing.

4. Teeth begin to deteriorate

Seeing someone chewing their nails, everyone thinks that it is because of some stress. Chewing nails also affects the teeth. Tooth decay causes tooth decay.

5. Gum pain

Sometimes pieces of nails stay inside the mouth and they get stuck in the gums and bleeding from the gums starts. It can also cause painful inflammation and infections and wounds.

6. Digestive power is affected

If there is a bacterial infection in the mouth due to the habit of chewing the nails, the bacteria can reach the stomach from here and cause an intestinal infection. This can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea.

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