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Technology has made its mark on people, find out how much has changed in one year

Today marks a full year since last year’s lockdown caused by Corona. This one year has seen many big changes in our lives. While visits to public places have declined, there has been a significant shift in technology. The biggest change due to the lockdown has been in technology. In this one year, we have become very dependent on technology and technology has made our life an important place. Even technology has made it possible in lockdown that no one ever thought possible. Today, on the anniversary of Lockdown, we will tell you how technology has made a name for itself in our lives.

Increased demand for video calling

The concept of video calling became very popular during the lockdown when people were following social media distance. With the help of video calling, I got a chance to stay connected with this difficult time and did not feel the distance.

Work Farm Home Concept

Where previously you had to spend 9 to 10 hours in the office, during the lockdown, this concept turned into a work farm home. Initially, it was a bit of a hassle for people to connect with each other for office work but in a few days, it became easier.

Cheaper data plan

During the lockdown, it was difficult for those sitting at home to pass the time. In such a situation, telecom companies have also made their data plans cheaper. Users used it to watch movies and videos in addition to surfing the Internet. They used to use the internet for proper inspection but now all internet is needed from office to homework.

Education is done online

Due to the lockdown, children are taking classes at home today. But this is a big and positive change in the field of education and it was only possible due to technology. An essential element of providing better education to children is being provided. The tools available online today have made education much easier.

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