Best Ways To Learn Music Production If You Are From India

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Today we are going to help you to find the ways if you want to make your career in music production in India. You can find dozens of institutes or academies near your area which may also good but if you are a beginner and don’t want to spend money in starting we will help to find best choice for you accordingly the teacher you like most.

Though, we are here to show you the best Youtube channels which can help you to learn perfectly. If you want to learn from the music production to be a sound engineer even you want to learn to mix and mastering of songs we researched a lot and make a list for the young generation of our community which is interested in this field and wants to make careers in it apart from their hobby.

Free sources to learn music production in india
Free sources to learn music production in india

Top 3 Youtube Channel To Learn Music Production In Hindi

  1. Drishticone Productions – Drishticone Production is the number one channel in India. They provide free of cost music production course from scratch to expert level knowledge. The music instructor DEV helps thousands of young fellows to learn music production and he already produces dozens of songs in Punjabi Music Industry as well as worked professionally in the background music director of many shows and series. The best thing about him is the way of teaching the students and he shares his experiences with them. Many students made their careers successful in music production after learning from Drishticone production and also they have the most number of subscribers on Youtube as well in the music teaching field. Drishticone production has 117k subscribers on their youtube channel. They also teach video editing to the students for free.
  2. Darshit Nayak – He also worked professional music producers and has many cover songs. Also, he sang by himself as well he produced for many artists from Bollywood. He is teaching how to make money from music as well and has many videos on producing and distributing the songs too. He used the Hindi language to teach his students all from the beginner level to expert level and share important tips and tricks too. He has 100k subscribers on his channel.
  3. Dream Art Records – the guy from dream art records more focused on the recording vocal and teaching mixing and mastering a song. He made many music instrument unboxing videos to which helps us to choose the perfect music gears within budgets. He has 82k subscribers on his channel.

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