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How To Write A Job Winning Proposal As A Freelancer

1. Filter Your Job feed –

The most important part to get a job as a freelancer is that are you really getting the jobs on your feed which is matched to your skills accurately. So, you need to filter my feed by choosing your interest and skills with the kind of projects you are looking for. For example, the length of the project, the location of the client, and the budget also.

2. Always Bid On Latest Job –

Most of the time clients hire a freelancer within a few hours of posting a job on the portal. So if you are a beginner on freelancer platforms always bid on projects which are latest updated. because the client will always prefer the experience guys first if you are bidding lately on the jobs so don’t waste your connections on a website like Upwork because you are paying to bid on jobs so bid wisely.

How to get your first job as a freelancer
How to get your first job as a freelancer

Here is quote for freelancers if they feel a client not valuing them.

freelance doesn’t mean free

3. Read A Job At least Two Times –

Please keep it in mind, never try to bid quickly on a project if you didn’t understand the project correctly. You need to read a job minimum two times you are sure that you are the perfect person for the task and you can complete the task perfectly. Because even if the client hires you and later you are not going to provide what the client actually looking for it will cost you with bad feedback on your profile.

4. Your Proposal Is Your Identity –

You need to write a proposal that makes a client feel like your way of communication is best and you understand the project perfectly so the client will be interested in hiring you.

  • You should start by greeting the client with Hello and their name.
  • Talk about the client’s issue so they feel that you know what they need from your side.
  • Tell the client about the solution you have for them.
  • Why you are best from others, why the client should hire you instead of other freelancers who bid on the job.
  • You can share your previous work related to the job.
  • End the proposal by writing something like “Looking to hear from you soon and discuss further” and with a Thank You and your name.

5. Value Yourself –

Always provide the perfect bid rate to the client so never low down your value. Because the client can feel that if you are doing more work at a cheap rate then the quality will be also not great.

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