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Know the benefits of coffee for your health.

We love coffee. It’s quite simple really and coffee has many health benefits. However, there is a massive difference between going out for a coffee and a “coffee”.
An actual coffee has two ingredients (coffee beans and water) and can be made multiple ways such as a drip method or a french press method (my personal favorite).

Apart from it, There are no calories or sugar, zero fat, and has numerous health benefits from antioxidants to increased performance and cognitive function.
However, “coffee” is a bit different. This is where people add syrups, sugar, milk, and all other sorts of ingredients to make the drink as sweet and dessert-like as possible.
The issue here, aside from the caloric load. Now, being upwards of 200 calories and sometimes 500 calories.

the added processed sugar which is sure to cause an insulin spike which may cause overeating later on and probably have an energy crash later in the day.
This is not the greatest for people looking to lose weight and get fit let alone be healthy as these drinks are often void of any nutrition.
Stick with black coffee and if you currently think it’s too bitter or acidic, slowly take out any added ingredients one by one to get used to the way coffee was meant to be.
While I occasionally enjoy a white chocolate mocha or caramel macchiato, just like ice cream. As a result, it is a treat to be enjoyed only once in a while, not daily or even weekly. For my regular coffee, it’s black, for a total “coffee” calorie consumption of less than 100 per day.

Know your coffee better
Know your coffee better

Simple formula for fat loss

Sleep, nutrition, and weight training are all part of the fat loss formula. Now you might be doing them all or just began to which is great.

However, we want to make sure we aren’t missing any important key concepts of each.

Sleep– is crucial for our hormonal balance and is a prime time for the body to recover optimally. Make sure you start a consistent sleep schedule and get 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Make your room cool and completely dark. Invest in blue light glasses at night time for improved sleep.

Nutrition– switching from processed, junk food to whole nutritious food is a great start. but once we start fuelling our body. We want to make sure we are not eating in a surplus of calories daily or on average in the week. It will make it much more difficult to lower your body fat percentage when in a surplus.

Training– track each of your workouts, and progressively overload. Make sure the correct muscle groups are working.

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